Indoor systems

Indoor systems always have to be modified to suit the attendant circumstances; they must meet the requirements of the railway sector and comply all statutory regulations. Wagemann has built indoor systems for local and interregional trains in Europe. We have also modified existing systems to meet the new challenges. Examples of these modifications include underfloor systems for waste water and supply and waste disposal systems for drinking water and WC waste water.

In cooperation with our partners we also deliver combined indoor and outdoor systems. Operation is designed for easy, intuitive usability. Hygiene requirements and the reduction of odours are chief priorities in planning the systems, as well as rising to the challenges of environmental protection, health and safety at work, hygiene and automation.

The systems consist of the suction appliances for toilet waste water and the systems for filling up with fresh water, as well as one or several vacuum stations.

Indoor systems allow trains can be supplied and waste removed conveniently, while the systems remain sheltered from the weather. Thanks to an indoor system, time is saved on interior cleaning, although the challenge of  unpleasant odours remains. We are familiar with this problem and have tried and true solutions on hand.

Key facts

  • Stringent separation of drinking water and waste water.
  • Officially approved by German Railways Authority EBA.
  • Integration in existing infrastructure.
  • Single-point solutions.
  • Centralized control of system solutions.
  • Extraordinarily robust and ergonomic.
  • Access control.
  • Remote servicing.

Accessories on request, such as, for instance, choppers, suction lances, redundant systems, measuring units, train tank rinsing units, waste water tank rinsing units, workplace lighting, odour filter, etc.