Hand washing cabinets

Washing your hands is a must after working on the supply and waste disposal systems and should be included in formal procedural instructions. The cabinet can be incorporated perfectly into any WaVa cabinet system. It can also be fitted with the functionality ‘Compulsory hand wash’, or as a stand-alone solution.

The Wagemann hand washing cabinet is an amplification of the interior cleaning system for trains and should be kept in a location that is close to the waste disposal cabinet.

The hand washing cabinet is equipped with hot water and has interior lighting. It can additionally be amplified by a range of different dosers, which mix automatically the required amount of cleaning fluid to the washing water. Smooth operation in winter is assured by heating with a thermostat.

Key facts and additional information

  • Materials cabinet: stainless steel/aluminium construction.
  • Cabinet colour: RAL in accordance with customer requirements.
  • Storage space with high-bay racking.
  • Materials wet area: stainless steel draining sinks.
  • Roof: pitched roof for easy run-off of precipitation.
  • Bay-area lighting.
  • A range of different socket combinations, in accordance with customer requirements.
  • Integration of  “Compulsory hand washing” after completing work on the interior cleaning system
  • Water meter.
  • Remote data transfer for separate charging.
  • Dimensions: 2,200mm x 600mm x 1,000mm (H x D x W).
  • Hot water heating: 22 kW flow-type heater or 10-litre boiler, 2.0 kW.
  • Optional: soap dispenser, paper dispenser, waste collector.
  • Self-regulating heater (insulated cabinet).