Our principles for developing, concept planning and construction mobile and fixed supply- and waste disposal systems.



Cost efficient

  • Deutsche Bahn (DB Netze)-released.
  • German Railway Authority (EBA)-approved.
  • A wide range of options and add-ons thanks to a modular system.
  • Minimal heat output thanks to enhanced insulation of units and optional remote monitoring.
  • Compact construction design on precisely fitting foundation.
  • Fast installation of the machinery/appliance as we do not use third-party components and as a result we avoid cost-intensive extra work.


  • Our appliances are developed to meet the requirements of railway systems.
  • Stable sealing system, specially designed for the target application.
  • Modular system integrates all required functionality.
  • For enhanced operational reliability, two redundantly operating pumps or choppers are in operation.


  • An automatic interlocking of the units ensures that the operational processes of the supply and waste disposal¬† systems only work separately, one after another.
  • Optional bay area lighting.
  • Intuitive operation of the system.
  • Clear labelling.
  • Arrangement of components makes servicing easier.


  • Hygiene requirements are met thanks to automatic rinsing of the drinking water system before each use or as an option, at defined intervals.
  • Optional ‘rest couplings’ of the waste water pipe with ventilation in one separately closed chamber.
  • Stringent separation of waste water disposal and drinking water supply in the fixed unit.
  • Harmonized rinsing of the train tank simultaneously with the extraction process in compliance with norm DIN 1717 (optional).
  • Optional automatic rinsing of the waste water pipe and pump after each use.