The company

Since 1997 WAGEMANN GmbH has been serving the railways all over the world.

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Competent solutions since 1997 by railway experts.

Since 1997 the name Wagemann has been a byword for professional realization of global supply and waste disposal solutions for railway transport providers. No matter whether fixed or mobile, interior cleaning machinery, media holders or boarding aids, all our appliances are approved by the German Railway Authority (EBA) and the relevant health authorities. That also applies to our own development WaVa (Wagemann Vakuum) which can be used in transit or in a fixed location.

Thus Wagemann provides the perfect blend of many years of expertise in consultancy and engineering for international, private and state-run transport organizations, system vendors and train manufacturers, as well as operators of infrastructure and depots.

One particular strength of Wagemann is that we integrate the construction and location-related circumstances of railway depots and service points with the greatest possible flexibility in our planning and realization. Thus we develop in a cost-conscious manner needs-based and customer-oriented solutions for supply and waste removal of trains, and then realize these solutions from end to end to the highest quality standard – as railway experts since 1997.

At Wagemann, it is not only the components, but also the solution that is at the heart of everything we do for our railway customers.