Stationary Units

Supply and disposal for train stations and depots

Compact, robust systems with unified design and tried-and-true technology.

Our fixed units WaVa 1, 2, 3 (cabinet systems) and WaVa 4 (T system) provide a user-friendly sealing mechanism, which assures the stringent separation of drinking water from waste water suction. In compliance with the local requirements, all or some of the units are equipped with a vacuum system that removes waste water from the trains. An equipment facility with pump and controls can steer several satellite units and supply them with vacuum operation. Choppers, flow meters and an access system can be integrated as required. The waste water unit can be fitted if necessary with an automatic rinsing appliance.

Key facts and additional information

  • Simultaneous supply and waste disposal of several train toilets by adding satellite units to the single-point solution.
  • Scope for amplification to a de-centralized control of supply and waste disposal system.
  • Can be designed as a redundant system, for instance, with two pumps.
  • Increased robustness with the aid of a chopper.
  • Scope for modular extension with hand-washing units, media holders or rinsing appliances.
  • Rinsing unit, pump and waste water pipes in compliance with norm DIN EN 1717.
  • Media measurement with data transfer to a host computer, for instance, for separate charging.
  • Electrant with a range of connection options.