The Wagemann media cabinet is a service module, closed to the track, modified to comply with your requirements.

Washing water and storage room for consumables are essential in interior cleaning machinery. We offer you the option of integrating these in an existing cabinet system, underfloor installation, in or on an interior cleaning platform or stand-alone solution.

The media cabinet can be amplified with dosing nozzles, which add the amount of cleansing fluid needed and mix it with the washing water. Integrated heating ensures smooth operation in winter.

Key facts and additional information

  • Materials cabinet: stainless steel/aluminium construction.
  • Media units can be installed underfloor, e.g. on working platforms of an interior cleaning system.
  • Bay-area lighting.
  • Electrant with a range of different plugs.
  • Roof: pitched roof for easy run-off of precipitation.
  • Cabinet colour: RAL in accordance with customer requirements.
  • Hygiene: norm DIN EN 1717.
  • Hot water heater: 22 kW flow-type heater or 10-litre boiler, 2 kW.
  • Interlocking system: electromechanical with access control.
  • Optional integrated dosing.
  • Self-regulating heater with thermostat (insulated unit).