WaVa Module

The WaVa Module on a trailer.

Because the WaVa Module is mounted on a trailer, it is both a very flexible solution and good value for money. Tanks can be emptied one after another with a single piece of cleaning machinery thanks to movable parking position and multi-station emptying functionality. Even more flexibility is provided due to the fact that the machine is mounted on a trailer with a road permit and the casing is fitted with electric heating for outdoor use in minus temperatures.

The WaVa Module on an electric platform truck.

The WaVa offers additional options for everyday use because it can be mounted on an electric platform truck. Power can be supplied from the electric platform truck by means of a battery or hydraulics. The system has been designed and built for a wide range of electric platform trucks and has already been successfully mounted on a range of models  including Balkancar, Hako, Still, MAFI, Volk, Pabst and Tayler Dunn. GFK tanks are available with loading capacity from 1,000 to 3,000 litres. For use in winter there is the option of insulated casing.

The WaVa Module on vehicles with a road permit.

Rail vehicles are frequently parked far away from the train depot. As a result this rolling stock has to be cleaned off-site, supplied with potable water and the waste water tanks have to emptied. To ensure supply and waste water disposal as required, and to minimize empty runs, Wagemann provides the solution vehicles with a road permit – for the VW Crafter, for instance. This solution allows optimum modification of supply and disposal operations for changing requirements. Fitting the WaVa Module both with a potable water tank and a waste water tank requires approval by the German Railway Authority. Using the EBA approved WaVa Box guarantees user-friendly separation of potable water and waste water in compliance with norm DIN EN 1717. A tank rinsing appliance can be added to rail vehicles while a standalone heating appliance rounds out the range of applications. A diesel-driven underfloor generator generates the required power.

Key facts about the WaVa Module

  • Fork lift-compatible
  • Can be used as a standalone
  • Universal application
  • Can be extended in accordance with individual requirements
  • Waste water tank available in a range of different sizes
  • User-friendly system
  • Low-maintenance
  • Suitable for conventional carrier vehicles

Accessories on request, such as, for instance, rinsing water hose, suction lance, winter ‘package’, etc

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